Screenshots of the (almost) final version of the Main Menu

February 20th, 2017

We took some time without updating, so we have prepared a battery of screenshots for you to see some of the many functions that are already implemented in the game It’s mostly about programming work, so they may not seem as important as they actually are, but we can assure you that we’ve worked hard to include them in the game because we think they’re going to improve the experience.

Navigable menus with gamepad, keyboard or mouse, anytime you can use any of them.

Full graphic settings with possibility to change resolution, full screen mode or activate VR mode.

Independent volume controls for global sound, music or effects.

Possibility of remapping absolutely all the controls, for both the crane and the strategic mode.

Immediate change of languages, no need to restart.

Use and management of profiles. Now several people can play the game, each profile stores the score, the evolution of the player, their preferences, settings and language.

Added new game modes that are unlocked at the end of each level in the story mode. For now we have included the “Inverse” and “Extreme” mode, which increases the number of levels and the replayability.

Added a new skill-based minigame consisting of hitting moving targets at very high speed.

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