Helpful advances in gameplay and programming.


Although it does not seem like it, we work like little ants every week and the short time that leave us our obligations we destine it to the game. We believe in this title, and very soon you are going to be able to check when to jump to the phase in which we will be adding content!. So far it may seem that there is nothing new in Defense Crane, but it is that the upgrades are at a very deep level to make the game a much more solid experience. We have already reached the pre-alpha version and… Soon skip to the alpha!!

Among other improvements, in the last few weeks we have…

Rewritten the pathfinding system. Vehicles respond dynamically to the obstacles in the paths.

Tweaked the system of Dodge vehicles.

Statistics! Many statistics and new profile management system.

Rewrite the instantiation of cranes and system code of Gameobjects search at the scene.

Changed the audio in the game management system.

Arrangements in the vehicles audio system.

Restructuring of the crane (monitors) information panels.

Enemy radar system.

New vehicles.

New game modes and load management system.

Panel of final score in each phase.

Re-written the system of time management and stopping the same in the game and in the menus.

New wider cabin.

Improvements in the behavior of the ball and the cable in the instantiation of the crane.

And arrangements… many arrangements!

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