New levels and… Finally! Strategy mechanics

As you can see, we’ve been working hard creating new content. In the screenshots you can see the appearance of the new levels, and above all, the great novelty: we are finally implementing the strategic mechanics that define our game Defense Crane as a game of the type “tower defense”.

We already have a navigation system on the stage and the possibility of placing cranes in the bases distributed by it. Now we are looking for the best way to make the system work both in VR and on a conventional monitor. Do you want to know the best? The game has seemed more fun and deeper than ever in the first tests we have done. To that it helps quite the fact of being able to destroy things at your whim. For sample, the next video.

Road Mechanics and New level


As we commented in previous entries, we are making a lot of progress in the management of the tools to create content and we have already gotten full with a new level and all its variants. We have to comment that the terrain of each level gives rise to several game modes, so we actually have a lot of scenes ready to be played. When it comes to managing routes and their alternatives, we have written a tool to help plan them and to see them in the level editor. Here you have several captures, with the advance of what will be a small problem to solve at the stroke of a demolition ball: the bridge over the canyon.

In addition, we present a small video of the new mechanics, which is the ability to see the routes that enemies will follow.

Conrad will make you suffer, but you're going to love him


From the first day we were clear that the game needed a bad guy to justify the outrages and the destruction that were to be committed in it. We even knew the face he was going to have. We introduce you to Conrad, the villain of "Defense Crane" that as you can see, is based on the traits of a famous actor that we love. This is our particular tribute to his career, his beautiful ugliness and his sympathy, which have conquered us. Conrad could not have a face with more personality.








The next is a small "speed draw" with part of the design…



Helpful advances in gameplay and programming.


Although it does not seem like it, we work like little ants every week and the short time that leave us our obligations we destine it to the game. We believe in this title, and very soon you are going to be able to check when to jump to the phase in which we will be adding content!. So far it may seem that there is nothing new in Defense Crane, but it is that the upgrades are at a very deep level to make the game a much more solid experience. We have already reached the pre-alpha version and… Soon skip to the alpha!!

Among other improvements, in the last few weeks we have…

Rewritten the pathfinding system. Vehicles respond dynamically to the obstacles in the paths.

Tweaked the system of Dodge vehicles.

Statistics! Many statistics and new profile management system.

Rewrite the instantiation of cranes and system code of Gameobjects search at the scene.

Changed the audio in the game management system.

Arrangements in the vehicles audio system.

Restructuring of the crane (monitors) information panels.

Enemy radar system.

New vehicles.

New game modes and load management system.

Panel of final score in each phase.

Re-written the system of time management and stopping the same in the game and in the menus.

New wider cabin.

Improvements in the behavior of the ball and the cable in the instantiation of the crane.

And arrangements… many arrangements!

The new cab is almost finished

July 27th, 2017

After a while, and as a result of our first tests with the commercial version of the Rift and the latest SDK, we realized that we needed a change in the cab of the crane to better suit the amount of information that we provide to the player and adjust how we give it. Said and done: the new cabin is larger and has more room to place even more monitors and devices. In the pictures you can see screenshots of the process of creation, in which the former cabin has taken as reference.


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Unboxing of our new Oculus Rift

July 18th, 2017

We have in our hands the consumer version of Oculus Rift… They finished the hardships with the development kit! And the truth is that it is amazing… Don’t miss our first impressions (very early) to open it…

On paper everything is easier

March 03th, 2017

Today we are going to share with you a secret document, a file that deeply summarizes the complicated process of designing a system such as the artificial intelligence of the game. But the best thing that summarizes this GIF is undoubtedly the headaches and the loooong conversations that we maintain to try to get a debugged and modular system …

Click on the image to enjoy

Screenshots of the (almost) final version of the Main Menu

February 20th, 2017

We took some time without updating, so we have prepared a battery of screenshots for you to see some of the many functions that are already implemented in the game It’s mostly about programming work, so they may not seem as important as they actually are, but we can assure you that we’ve worked hard to include them in the game because we think they’re going to improve the experience.

Navigable menus with gamepad, keyboard or mouse, anytime you can use any of them.

Full graphic settings with possibility to change resolution, full screen mode or activate VR mode.

Independent volume controls for global sound, music or effects.

Possibility of remapping absolutely all the controls, for both the crane and the strategic mode.

Immediate change of languages, no need to restart.

Use and management of profiles. Now several people can play the game, each profile stores the score, the evolution of the player, their preferences, settings and language.

Added new game modes that are unlocked at the end of each level in the story mode. For now we have included the “Inverse” and “Extreme” mode, which increases the number of levels and the replayability.

Added a new skill-based minigame consisting of hitting moving targets at very high speed.

Featured in the compilation "the best of the 2015-16" of "La parada de los monstruos" (the freak parade).


In the compilation of "best of 2015-2016", in the section dedicated to video games, the good guys of "the freak parade" have seen fit to place first place the interview that they made to us about the development of Defense Crane. A luxury, and a wonderful opportunity to hear it again.

The link to be able to hear / download, here.



We follow in the gap. New improvements in Defense Crane


menu01 menu02

menu04 menu03

We are aware that we have some time without any update, but we are glad to inform you that our family and work obligations have failed to halt the development of “Defense Crane”. Perhaps it is a little early to communicate this, but we have almost finished the most important logical part of the game, that is which controls the audio system, player profiles, the graphics options or remapping of buttons and axes in keyboard and gamepad. It has been a hard task, but we think that it was worth. Seeing the screenshots… What do you think?.